Thanks for giving me a chance to check out the Gromel 174 Carving Board. We were lucky enough to have some really good snow conditions for ripping arcs so it was the perfect time for a test ride. To put things in perspective of boards I'm familiar with, I race on a custom Oxess BX 163, standard F2 Speedster SL 165 and RS 183 and have also ridden Coilers and Doneks in the past.

    Obviously the first thing you notice when looking at the Gromel is how much time and care was put in to hand crafting the board. Everyone who saw it had a comment about how cool it looked and that they really liked the wood design. Not knowing a lot about your boards, I didn't know what to expect in terms of performance. So I started with a few moderate warm-up runs and then pushed it through some higher intensity efforts before calling it a day.

    I'd say that turn initiation was smooth and somewhat forgiving, leading into a solid edge hold throughout the arc. I thought the turn radius was ideal and a lot of fun for freeriding. It reminded me of a Coiler (176) I used to ride a few years back when I lived in Breckenridge. Base ran pretty fast when I had the board flat.

    I think this would be a good board for a new hardbooter and would provide a lot of room for progression and years of riding. It's also a good match for an experienced rider who's looking for a more "user-friendly" freeride board that is consistent, reliable and forgiving.

    Thanks again for letting me take a few test runs and I look forward to seeing you out at Seven Springs for our Hard Boot Camp Event!

    Think Snow,
    Jeff "Jb" Brier
    Snowsports School Director
    Seven Springs Mountain Resort